Leader in Sugar Production and Distribution in North America.

We Are Zucarmex

Experts in growing, milling, refining and marketing of sugar and other sub-products.

Together, our sugar mills and team have been producing the highest quality sugar for more than 100 years.

Bolsas de azúcar Zulka
Our Brands

For its consistency, flavor and quality, Zulka is recognized as your best option to sweeten and the fastest growing sugar brand in America.

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Pura Source

Evaporated sugarcane juice and organic evaporate sugarcane juice that is used in the food industry.


Quality recognized by the most demanding customers in the food industry. Natural ingredient, nutritious and true to the genuine flavor of sugarcane.

Cane Star

Pure cane sugar with the highest grade of purity, perfect for the specialized food industry.

What We Do In Zucarmex

Every day, we sweeten the lives of millions of consumers.

We control the sugar process begining from the growing of sugar cane to the distribution of sugar to the end customer.

Our sugar mills and refinery offer efficient supply in a punctual and safe manner, always complying with the required quality and safety standards.

We have the trust and preference of the main international food and beverage companies, as well as the most demanding consumers.

We offer a wide variety of options and displays for food manufacturs, wholesalers, retailers, clubs and end consumers.

Pioneers in the modernization of equipment and processes, achieving greater operational efficiency in the agricultural and factory areas, with cutting-edge technology in the field, sugar mills, information and control systems, obtaining greater security, consistency and quality.

Infraestructura Zucarmex

We produce more than 1 million metric tons of sugar per year. Our renowned capacity is in one of the largest and most productive vertically planned production systems worldwide. To this production capacity and infrastructure we add an experienced team of people to meet the needs of end customers and consumers.

Our Infrastructure Includes:


Hectares of Sugarcane Production


Sugarcane Producers


Sugar Mills


Sugar Distribution Centers


Sugar Refinery in USA


Food Grade Alcohol Refinery

Sugar Mills and Refineries

Ingenio El Higo
Located In: El Higo, Veracruz
Foundation: 1898

Industrial Azucarera San Cristóbal
Located In: Carlos A. Carrillo, Veracruz
Foundation: 1898

Ingenio Mahuixtlán
Located In: Coatepec, Veracruz
Foundation: 1942

Industrial Azucarera Atencingo
Located In: Cuautla, Puebla
Foundation: 1947

Cia. Azucarera La Fe
Located In: Pujiltic, Chiapas
Foundation: 1958

Ingenio Melchor Ocampo
Located In: El Grullo, Jalisco
Foundation: 1968

California Sugar Refiners
Located In: San Diego, CA
Foundation: 2018

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